Do you want to know how DIDAWOOD products are made?

The EGOÉ kovo (kovocité) woodshop produces a lot of waste material, scrap wood that is mainly used as a source of energy. The idea of utilizing scrap materials became a reality rather fast. In fact, the manufacturing started almost immediately. Besides scrap wood, we also attempt to process other kinds of waste materials such as fabric, paper and leather scraps, and turn them into toy accessories and packaging for our products.

We believe that you will also become a member of the eco-friendly DIDAWOOD family, a member who tries to improve the environment, thinks green, and supports minimalism and a zero-waste lifestyle.

mmcité, smart street furniture

Street furniture and special constructions represent the main focus of kovocité production.. The main types of surface treatment include sandblasting, powder coating, and wet painting. Woodworking is another essential part of furniture manufacturing. The EGOÉ kovo (kovocité) woodshop produces wooden pieces that are further processed and transformed into DIDAWOOD products.

Next time you are comfortably seated on a bench downtown, think about the scrap wood left over from street furniture manufacturing, which we utilize in the most effective way you can imagine.