Golf croquet production - precision

We do our best to produce perfect golf croquet sets. The manufacturing process consists of a number of steps that ensure our mallets, hoops and croquet balls are simply flawless.

MALLET is made of tropical jatoba wood which is very hard. That is why the mallet is slightly heavier than the equipment made of other types of wood. The weight of the mallet head allows a better control of the strike and helps better aiming, turning this Golf croquet set into semi-professional equipment.

HOOP is made of jatoba wood and stainless-steel spikes. The gap is wide enough to keep beginners motivated and professionals occupied.

PEG is made of jatoba wood and stainless-steel spikes. Both the hoops and peg can be easily pushed into the ground thanks to the spikes.

BALLS are made of European robinia wood. The wood is hard and heavy which makes the balls easy to play with. There is a symbol on both sides of each ball so that it could be easily distinguished from the others. Small batch manufacturing also allows us to create limited editions of pictograms and symbols.

A keen and happy player, that’s OUR GOAL