Production partners

Collaboration pays off. When set up well, it benefits everyone. Waste material becomes a challenge for us, whether it is scrap wood, fabric, cords, paper tubes or thread spools.

We like to work with strong production partners, and benefit from their knowledge and skills. Together we pursue our goal and support each other.


Quality Czech sofas and armchairs

In the beginning we needed to design sewing patterns for packaging, but it turned out to be a much broader cooperation in sewing cloth bags, processing leftover and waste material, and, last but not least, sales support.

A family-owned company building on a century-old tradition

We’ve found a supplier of cords and ropes for our products. We enjoy connecting with companies that value collaboration.

They can do big things in their small production facility.

We want to keep growing and pursuing our goal to make products that go beyond.  We were looking for a new material and came across leather which is perfect in many ways

Are you interested in collaboration?