Didawood toys are not just ordinary toys for kids and adults.

They are toys that make a difference. They think green. ZERO WASTE toys.

And we are creatives who design for fun. We are secretly hoping that joy will spread and grow and our toys made from waste materials will become an important part of your household.

Do you want to get something original? Something to learn, that will entertain and amuse you? You've come to the right place.


Garden games and accessories

Why would you sit at home when the weather is so nice? Grab your croquet mallets and a swing, and go out to refill a bird feeder with your kids. Our garden games and accessories include all of these – outdoor fun for the whole family.

Playing outdoors is quite an experience!

Dominoes, off with the polka dots!

Young and adult domino lovers alike are going to be amazed! Our slightly different dominoes will surprise you. They are not just building blocks, they have their own unique character and a story. Everyone can let their imagination run wild and play gym or plant trees with Greta.

EXTRAordinary blocks

Unique building blocks that challenge established stereotypes and spice up children’s games. Their flexibility is their biggest advantage. Make use of contracting colours, connect blocks of different sizes and, last but not least, combine them with other games we offer.

EDU boxes

Coming soon.


Coming soon.

Art sets

Coming soon.

Reading development

Coming soon.