The wood our mosaic is made of

Garapa and Thermo ash. Kovocité uses these two types of wood to manufacture street furniture. Scrap and waste material is then turned into eco-friendly toys.

Exotic Garapa wood is popular for its resistance. It is often used on exterior projects and structures all around the world. It has a golden to yellowish brown colour and it is rot-resistant.

Ash trees grow in Europe. Thermo ash wood undergoes heat treatment that changes the colour and properties of the material. It is treated in a thermo plant and dried. The wood then turns dark brown and becomes resistant to moisture, mould and pests.

Our building blocks come in two contrasting colours thanks to Garapa and Thermo ash wood. Children can create various patterns and build structures. Contrasting colours also make these blocks great for the visually impaired.

Toys made of these two kinds of wood have been certified and are suitable for children from the age of 2.