Burdera, From Spring to Winter

Design konceptu a grafická podoba dílna UUtěrky, spolupráce na vývoji Monika Lacková,

What is Alice going to wear today?

Little creatives who like to design, cut and glue will surely help her decide. 

Burdera, From Spring to Winter is our now cut-out book. Cut off the sides with the paper dolls, and get a tiny book with instructions and a story about Alice. The set also contains fabric templates with fashion designs. Different types of fabric allow a number of combinations! 

Burdere is the ideal creative set that helps your children develop fine motor skills and get more patient..  

Šablony jsou vyrobeny ze zbytků látek, proto každá burděra je originálem v kombinaci barev. Obal z papíru, ZERO WASTE, tištěno ekologickými barvami.


What do you have to do?

You need to have glue, a pair of scissors, paper, crayons or markers. First you need to cut out the dolls and accessories and then glue the created outfit 


The package contains 4 kinds of fabric with templates. The paper packaging is a part of the product and serves as a cut-out worksheet.
The toy is suitable for children from 2 years of age and has received certification from ITC Zlín.
Made in Czech republic