Dominoes with backdrops

Wooden figures tied to the Christmas tradition, place and story, packed in a box that magically transforms into a backdrop

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Our box is not just any box

It's a box you won’t throw away. In fact, it is an integral part of the product. When opened and folded, the box turns into a backdrop. You can also put a Christmas card inside. It’s simply a great gift that you'll love to open again and again every year



Experience a traditional Christmas with us

ExperiBethlehem is not just a town. In a symbolic sense, Bethlehem is the place where Christmas was born. Christmas is a tradition recognised by countless generations of people, it brings joy to all kind souls every single year. A nativity scene is an important part of it both in the Czech Republic and abroad. That’s why we have also created an English version of the set.

This gift is appropriate for:

It is a universal gift for the whole family. Share and enjoy the festive season with us.
Decorate your classroom, set up a nativity scene, talk to your children about the history of Christmas and, last but not least, sing.
A great business gift that includes a personalized Christmas card..