Painter’s house

Design Monika Lacková, graphic card design of the UUtěrky  

Create new buildings, connect stories

A play set containing jumbo picture tiles, a book and cut-out worksheet. And there’s more!


Master Architects represent out flagship product that comes in 10 different varieties. range offers elaborate themed play sets Rooms with a story. Choose from 10 original stories to enrich children's play and imagination. 


We encourage children to read, we create themed play sets!

Stories are the cornerstone of our play sets. We want to deepen the relationship of parents and their children through playtime and communication.

What happens in the painter's house?

***Kamil is an artist. Besides decorating rooms, he also makes unique paintings. Flo is his muse and this means that he comes up with the most interesting paintings when she is around.***

A brief description of Kamil the painter and his muse, Flo. Children can read the whole story in the enclosed book. It is a story about painting, art, art works and muses. And also about the fact that each work of art is kept in a place designated by the curator at the exhibition

When it comes to storytelling, it is vital to listen carefully first, then stop and reflect. This allows children to come up with some ideas and play. That's why each story finishes with questions and tasks to do, e.g. "Can you turn Kamil's house into an art gallery and organize an exhibition of paintings? You can add your pictures too."

We develop fine motor skills and spark imagination

When playing with our products, children focus better, learn how to be more patient, boost their imagination and develop fine motor skills. We help parents to connect with their children through playing and storytelling. 

How to do it?

First, reach for the canvas floor plan. It's a template suitable even for the youngest and least experienced builders. The paper instructions then serve as an inspiration for creating the background of the story. The most creative minds can use their own imagination and building blocks.

Once you have finished the construction, fill in the place with objects and characters, and make it look nice. Each story has its own picture domino characters. This game set includes the characters of Kamil the painter and his model Flo, an art curator and a friend, who is an art theorist. There is also a sketchbook with a pencil, car, bowl of fruit, baroque clock, gramophone, vase of flowers, mouse and 2 abstract paintings.

The package also includes a cut-out worksheet that will make the whole interior unique. Children will boost their creativity and develop scissors skills.

The package includes 13 picture dominoes, a paper booklet with instructions and a description of the characters, a cut-out book and a canvas bag.
The pictures on the dominoes are laser made.

The toy is suitable for children from 2 years of age and has received certification from ITC Zlín.

The dominoes are made of high quality and durable tropical jatoba wood. The canvas bag is made of 100% cotton. The booklet and cut-out worksheet are made of paper and printed using eco-friendly inksi.
Made in the Czech Republic

Floor plan of the house of the painter Kamil