Jump ropes for kids

Jump rope design Monika Lacková, graphic card design of the UUtěrky 

Jump with Dwood

A jump rope is fun for everyone, regardless of age or fitness level. A young beginner can use it just like a skilled athlete does. The length of the rope is 2.5 m and it can be adjusted.

Suitable for children up to 146 cm. 

Tested by fitness and freestyle jump roping experts.

The handles of the jump rope are made of durable tropical jatoba wood. And we have chosen a polyester cord with padding to ensure the fastest swing.

Start jumping!

Jumping rope is great fun that helps you get in shape but also contributes to motor skill development. It also improves the function of the left and right brain hemispheres.

What youth is used to, age remembers

Jumping rope has many health and fitness benefits. It keeps your skeleton strong, and if you jump today, your body will be grateful to your past self in ten years’ time. Your muscles and bones get stronger. When jumping rope, kids have a great time and don't even realise that they are building rock-solid ankles, joints and tendons.

The history of skipping in a nutshell

The history of skipping dates back to the ancient Egypt, when ropes made from herbs and hemp were used to jump for fun. In 1907, the jump rope was part of the pupils' games at the 5th Sokol meeting. In the 1960s, skipping rope became a popular outdoor pastime. In 1965, during the 3rd Spartakiad, the apprentice youth did jump rope exercises. Today, rope skipping is a competitive sport.


The package includes a jump rope with 2 handles.
Sports equipment. Suitable for children from 4 years of age
Made in the Czech Republic