Leather from Jablůnka 

We want to evolve and grow our intention to make products that reach beyond. We were looking for a new material and we’ve found leather which is simply perfect in many ways. We started negotiating with KUMO s.r.o tannery immediately. They offered their services and leather scraps. It’s going to be both a challenge and opportunity to make something new and original.


KUMO s.r.o. Tannery

KUMO s.r.o. is a company with a long history, years of experience and advanced manufacturing technology for leather production. They can accomplish great things in their small tannery. Among other things, they process raw cowhide into leather used in shoemaking, saddlery working, haberdashery manufacturing, etc. Moreover, they do care about the environment.

To learn more about Kumo visit kumo-kozeluzna.cz.