Maxi domino set + free gift

Designed by Monika Lacková, graphic design created in collaboration with UUtěrky.

... design, build and topple domino creations with these cool tiles or use them to build a proper home for your domino animals.

Forget the standard tiles with dots. Make the longest and most sophisticated line using our maxi domino tiles. Straight or curvy? You decide. How about matching a snake with a snail or an earthworm? 

There are also other games you can play with these 150 tiles. Follow the instructions and build a ZOO, a farm, or a house for MAXI DOMINO ANIMALS. We are sure you can come up with some exciting projects to build yourself. You can also combine the tiles with figures from other toy sets we offer.

There are 150 tiles in each domino set, instructions including copying patterns, and a cotton bag.
The dog and the cat are not included in the set, but can be purchased as a part of MAXI DOMINO ANIMALS. Are you getting curious now? Buy your own MAXI DOMINO SET and get these two buddies designed by UUtěrky studio as a gift.
Everything is HANDMADE in small batches

The toy is suitable for 2-year-olds and it meets safety standards (ITC Zlín certification mark).

Building blocks are made of high-quality and durable jatoba wood. Packaging is made of 100% cotton. Copying patterns are made of recycled paper.

Made in Czech Republic.

A copying pattern with instructions