Maxi domino set with rascals

Designed by Monika Lacková, graphic design created in collaboration with UUtěrky.

How about a speed race featuring our gang of rascals? Tony, Ryan, Lucas, Julie, and Max. Who is going to win?

Do not look for the standard tiles with dots. Use these wooden tiles to set up lines instead.  Straight, or curvy, choose a shape you like, or get inspired by one of the pictures in the instructions. Use all 50 tiles to build a snake, a snail, or a pipe.

Our dominoes can fall really fast! Did you know that the distance between domino tiles affects how fast the line falls? Get inspired by our 9 patterns. Challenge you sister, or compete with your friends. Who is going to win? There is a bunch of rascals among the 50 tiles in each set too. Tony, Ryan, Lucas, Julie, and Max will be happy to knock the tiles down for you! Ready, steady, go!

Each set contains 50 tiles including 5 rascals, paper instructions, and a cotton bag.
The rascals, Tony, Ryan, Lucas, Julie, and Max, were designed by UUtěrky studio.
Everything is HANDMADE in small batches.

The toy is suitable for 2-year-olds and it meets safety standards (ITC Zlín certification mark).

Domino tiles are made of high-quality and durable garapa wood. Packaging is made of 100% cotton. The instruction manual is made of recycled paper.

Made in Czech Republic.

A copying pattern with instructions