Contrasting Mosaic in a box

Designed by Monika Lacková, graphic design made in collaboration with UUtěrky graphic design studio.

Our Contrasting Mosaic puts no limits to imagination! Create your own pattern.

This game set is an excellent tool that develops imagination and creativity. It contains 100 blocks and a wooden box with a grid on the bottom which will help you to create an infinite number of pictures and structures. Don’t worry if you are not creative – there are some playful templates available too.
Each wooden box contains 100 blocks in contrasting colours and 1 paper instruction booklet with 26 templates..
The contrast of light and dark colours makes the game set suitable for the visually impaired.
The toy is suitable for children from 2 years of age and has been certified by ITC Zlín.
The blocks are made of high quality and durable garapa wood and thermo ash. The packaging is made of plywood and the template is printed on recycled paper
Made in the Czech Republic

Template with instructions

!!! The colour of the paper our templates are printed on may vary as we use leftover materials!!!