Room inhabitants

Design Monika Lacková, graphic card design of the UUtěrky

Breathe life into your toy characters

Guess why we picked some characters and bagged them separately. Well, it’s because everyone, both young and old, can let their imagination run wild and put the characters in a mountain hotel room, gym or a café

Fine motor skills, creativity and imagination training

How is it done?

First, get the floor plan ready. It's a template even the youngest kids, who are completely new to playing with building blocks, can use.  The paper booklet then serves as inspiration for building the background of the story. The most creative children will do with their own imagination and individual building parts.

Once the construction is finished, it’s time to make the building nice and cosy.


The Room Inhabitants playset includes the main characters from the instruction booklet. Each character can play out its own story in the mind of a child. The characters bring life into all the buildings and they make an inherent part of our EXTRAordinary blocks. Thanks to them, master architects will know right away what to build.


The main characters from the Blocks with a floor plan play set

Each set includes 27 picture dominoes, a concertina book with character descriptions and instructions, and a canvas bag

The images on the domes are created by a laser.

The toy is suitable for children from 2 years of age and has been certified by ITC Zlín.

The dominoes are made of high quality and durable jatoba wood, the pictures are laser engraved. 100% cotton canvas cover. Paper label. Printed using eco-friendly inks.
Made in the Czech Republic

A folder with a description of the characters and instructions