Rooms with a story

This game set comes with 10 different stories. Read them with your children and let their imagination work. Each story is different, and so are its main characters. Your kids will love them!  The main aim here is to become an architect who builds and furnishes homes for the toy characters using wooden blocks and paper cut-out objects.

Create new buildings and connect stories!

The stories give background information that links the characters to places, while picture dominoes with cut-outs tell you more about the individual characters’ personality.

We teach how to plant trees


You know, Aunt Ina always supports a good cause. She has decided to plant trees as she wants to help to grow forest. But you can't plant a forest in one day!

Art and its muses

Charles is an artist and apart from being a decorator, he also creates very interesting paintings. He lives with his sweetheart Flo in a small house with a spacious studio and a garage.

Vztahy mezi generacemi

Grandma, Grandpa, and Missy the cat live in a small wooden cabin by the Little Bay Lake. Their granddaughter Alice and her shaggy friend Henry come to visit them every Sunday.

Beauties of nature and new adventures

Bedřich mountain lodge is located on a hill called Slatina. There are mature oaks, beech and hornbeam trees as far as the eye can see. The hotel is a popular destination for hikers and sports enthusiasts, but also for people who just want to relax

Meeting friends

Sisters Lisa and Barb Hebble do their favourite yoga routine as soon as they wake up, and then go to a café. Right at the entrance, there is a blooming rose bush that welcomes visitors with its delicious scent.

Music, dance & fun

Today is a very important day for the restaurant owner, singer-songwriter Mark Glove. He will be playing at the opening concert to kick off the winter season. Mark can’t wait to see the reaction of the audience. Everything has to be just perfect tonight.

Relaxed atmosphere


Mr. Pong's Tea Room is a small house with a glass wall. It is located on the outskirts of town. The smell of sandalwood creates a pleasant atmosphere inside. Mr. Pong is a cheerful guy who came to live here from the Japanese island of Honshu.

Do sports, stay fit

The spacious Bílovice Gym is located near the Bílovice park. You might see people doing Tai-chi through the window in the afternoons and every Thursday there is a group that meets to play volleyball.

We take care of our loved ones


Baby Peppa lives with her parents in an apartment in a block of flats on the corner of Jablonova Street. Her daddy, Jonah, is an architect who’s focused on details. Her mum, Stella, takes care of Peppa and sometimes helps out as a vet.

We take care of the animals

There is a small house that belongs to Nsho-chi in the middle of a kiwi fruit orchard. She lives there with her animal friends. Peanut, a little dog, has his own room right by the front door.