Stories about the life of animals

Animal Life playsets tell 5 stories about the lives of animals. Each story includes 14 picture dominoes and a cut-out worksheet that adds spark to the final structure.


Themed playsets are an integral part of the Animal Life game series. The stories add character to every new build and the picture dominoes and cut out worksheet create a personality.


Ed, Meda and their Pets

It's summer. Linda and Zita have decided to sleep in the open air tonight, just in a sleeping bag in the garden. They both have warm, down sleeping bags and both love stargazing at night.

In the Garden in a Sleeping Bag

Ed lives on the fourth floor of an apartment building. He is really interested in nature, and his room looks a bit like a lab. He might become a scientist when he grows up

Grandpa's Farm

A cow mooed in the meadow. A rooster crowed. A cat ran across the yard with her last night’s catch. Grandma and Grandpa got up and they are preparing their breakfast.

Early Morning at the Zoo.

Ludo and Ian work at the local zoo. They clean and repair animal enclosures. Their first task was to fix a broken fence post in the gazelle exhibit and now they are heading to the hippo pool which needs to be filled with water.

Morning in the Forest

Mr Runkle likes the forest. He is a hunter. He wakes his son up gently at 3:30 on Saturday morning saying: 'Tony, get up, if we want to see the beauty of the morning forest, we have to go now.