Life of Animals game set

The Life of Animals series is a collection of games. Where do animals live? Our animal themed play sets will answer this question, along with many others. Little hands can turn a domino run into building blocks and the animals on the tiles will come to life as children play with them. We have created a total of 70 picture domino tiles and 5 stories.


What can be combined?

150 tiles from the domino run + 27 animals + 5 story play sets.


Building homes out of domino tiles

Construction work comes first. Use the domino tiles as building blocks. Simply build a fence, construct a zoo or plant a forest. There are no limits! There are also paper floor plans of different dwellings more advanced builders can use as a template.

Settling in animals

Animals inhabit different places. Some of them live in the forest and others on the farm. Try to guess where each animal lives and create the right place for it.

Animal stories

The story playsets tell 5 stories about the lives of animals. Each story includes 14 picture dominoes and a cut-out worksheet that makes the whole creation special.