Uutěrky is a small graphic design studio based in the foothills of the Beskydy mountains. Its founders Martin and Pavla arranged the workshop themselves and turned it into a starting point for their creative activities. The studio produces small runs of books, puzzles, t-shirt prints, educational and art posters or graphic art reproductions. They love to collaborate with fellow artists, cultural organisations and agencies that share similar views and beliefs. They also find it important to take part in the local activities in the village of Návsí and the surrounding area.

Martin and Pavla are bringing up their three children in a little house with a large garden where they grow lots of trees and bushes.

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Martin Krkošek (1979) studied at the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague focusing on illustration and animation. After his studies he spent several years in Stanica-Žilina Zarečie community centre where he organised graphic design courses for children and adults, and he also started experimenting with screen printing there. He has maintained his connections with Slovakia till present day. He worked as a teacher at a graphic design school in Žilina, you can find his illustrations in many children’s books published in Slovakia. He often collaborates with independent publishers from the Czech Republic and Slovakia (Pipasík, Běží liška, E.J.Publishing). Currently he is a part of the Didawood team. He is in charge of the unified visual style of printed matter, animations and domino characters design.

Created by Martin for Didawood

Pavla Krkošková Byrtusová (1981) studied at the Department of Intermedia Studies of the University of Ostrava and also spent some time at Jan Evangelista Purkyně University in Ústí nad Labem studying photography. After her studies she spent several years in Stanica-Žilina Zarečie community centre where she organised art courses for children, developed gallery programmes and worked on her own art projects. Now she is a part of the Didawood team. She is a creative writer who also designs art sets for children and makes realistic drawings of animals and plants. Besides that, she continues creating her own art.

Pavla’s work for Didawood is in progress.