Drawstring bags and bags

What can fit in one of our bags? Everything you need to take when you go on a trip, for a walk, to the local shop or playground.

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We strive to make our production sustainable using fabric scraps, cords, leather cuttings and banners.


Come on out! But what are we gonna do?

There are so many options. Take our handy drawstring bag, pack everything you need and head out for the woods or to see your friends

Buy an African elephant bag and donate 100 CZK to support African elephants.

To support Zlín ZOO, we have created a rare African elephant calf image and printed it on drawstring bags. Whether you're going on a trip, to the local shop or playground, your kids can't do without the bag

Buy a giraffe tote bag and donate 50 CZK to support giraffes Rothschild's . 

The bag with long handles has a simple design with an image of giraffes kept in the Zlín ZOO. Whether you’re going for a walk, shopping or planning to spend a day by the sea, it will be comfortable to carry the bag thanks to its long handles.. 

The canvas bag is an easy way to replace disposable plastic bags.

This gift is suitable for:

A universal gift for the whole family. We share the Christmas spirit with you.
A great business gift including a personalized Christmas card..