Vemat-CZ, seek and you shall find!

Just like we did. Vemat-CZ is a supplier of strings, cords and ropes for our products. Business networking is fun when you connect with helpful and communicative people. And we went a step further as we agreed to process waste and scrap materials. Now we are even closer to making our dream come true.


VEMAT-CZ, family business building on a century-old tradition

VEMAT-CZ is a family business that started small in the 1990’s reassuming the textile haberdashery tradition of Silesia. The company offers a flexible production ready to meet the demand of the market and customers who love doing handcraft.  The main products include polyester and cotton cords, elastic rubber cords and tapes, shoe laces, jump ropes, but also blind strings, various kinds of technical strings, cords, ropes, elastic ropes and currently also elastic ear loops for facemasks.

In order to become independent of external suppliers, the company started producing their own paper reels for textile haberdashery product adjustment. VEMAT-CZ use the reels for their own products, but they also offer them to other haberdashery manufacturers.

Just like any other manufacturer, VEMAT-CZ also has to manage scrap materials and defective products. As we are close to nature and we try to protect the environment as much as we can, we see this as an opportunity to turn the waste into a resource.

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