A tree for a tree

We call it a project, but it really is a mission for us.

Egoékovo (kovocité) started forming this project in 2019. We have followed the underlying idea – to return everything we had taken from nature – from the very beginning. It reflects our personal attitude towards the countryside and nature. The tree for a tree project is therefore the culmination of our relentless efforts and commitment.

At the beginning it was rather difficult to say how much wood, wooden chips and branches had been used to make our products. And it was not any easier to know how many trees had been cut down. Luckily, we know better now. We know how much wood it takes to make a bench or any other kind of street furniture, and we know what has to be given back.

A tree for a tree is a long-term project for several generations. Those who are cleaning harvested areas, building fences and planting tree seedlings will never see “their” forest fully grown. Others will have to take care of the area in the decades to come. Trees live longer than people and they teach us a lot, as life is much more than mere consumerism. We are a part of nature. That’s our view, that’s what our mission is all about.

Would you like to join? We would love to hear from you. Drop us a line and we’ll give you more details about our tree planting projects


Tree planting project in Kladná – Žilín, Luhačovice

Did you know that replanting trees dates back to the time of the Habsburg empress Maria Thresa? We keep this tradition too, as we want to give back what we took to make our products.

Tree planting around African primary schools, Angola

We plant trees and return wood back to nature. We do so in the Czech Republic, but also abroad. We follow “Close to nature forest management” approach. This logging approach allows natural renewal of forest before it is cut down again.