Tree planting project around African primary schools in Angola

Wood begins where a tree ends. There is no doubt that wood is a natural artwork. It is a witness of the time in which it grew; it tells stories and nourishes the imagination. Only a man can take wood out of the natural life cycle; only a man can return it back.

Kovocité sometimes uses foreign materials to manufacture its products. The wood is logged mainly in Brazil, Mexico, Europe, and it also came from Africa in the past.

Kovocité joined several projects that have direct impact on the reforestation of the barren areas.

A civil association from Angola draws public attention to early child labour

Consequently, a new project was introduced to create outdoor recreational areas supporting free-time activities that would attract more local children to school. At the same time, the project directly improves the lives of Angolan children.

Kovocité is responsible for the purchase and distribution of tree seedlings to be planted close to schools. Tree planting started in November 2020 when 794 tree seedlings were planted in the area of 7 ha. Schoolchildren helped us too, and thus, we all contributed to the organization of camps, outdoor walks, and rest.