Design in the story of croquet

What is the point of designing a croquet set?

Despite the fact it is quite new around here, croquet is gaining popularity among more and more people. Why don’t you try it too?

I knew literally nothing about croquet, and I even confused it with cricket at the beginning. My first encounter with this game was eye-opening. The first thing that struck me was the weight of the mallet and balls. They were so light. And the hoops were made of wire. When the game finished I knew the garden croquet set we were using was very far from what I imagined. It was an important experience, though, as it triggered my interest and I started researching and learning about croquet. It helped me to create a quality product people will like and use repeatedly every time they have a BBQ party or go out with their teenage kids.

I found out that the set is so unique thanks to its individual parts. Well designed equipment and other components, the type of the game, easy-to-follow rules and a useful bag to carry it all around.

It takes a village!

A theory and reality are two very different things, thank God! That’s why I started to look for experience. Experience of a professional player who knows what to look at. I was lucky to find a player and advisor Mr Ivo Marták, a person who has a heart of gold and can describe the ins and outs of croquet. He also explained why my original idea was so different from the reality and why it could not really work. My croquet, the Didawood croquet set I designed, is therefore original.