Welcome to the world of Didawood project!

The story of DIDAWOOD began in September 2020. We launched a website and started promoting our company and products on social media. We were delighted to sell first toys. It’s official now!

We didn’t try in vain. It took more than a year, but the effort of the whole team was rewarded. We don’t know about you, but we are over the moon with joy.

Therefore, we would like to welcome our baby to this world. We nurtured it, cared for it and helped it grow. Forget the trial and error approach. We spent hours and hours working, analyzing, designing, discussing and testing every single toy and game.

Our products are certified. Each component is carefully inspected to ensure its quality.

As we took part in the outdoor event WiFič VEN!, we decided to give all young adventurers an opportunity to try out our products. Uutěrky graphic design studio, which creates all our designs, made posters displayed at each stop. These posters invited children to get creative and find their own ways to play with the pieces provided.