Garden game CROQUET

Have you ever played croquet? And do you know that there are three different types of croquet? Have you heard about the history of the game that actually did not originate in England, as you may have thought? Did you know that croquet became an Olympic discipline in 1900 for the first time? You may be asking how difficult it is to adapt an existing garden game to make it more interesting and enjoyable… Let us take a look at it together. We will start from the very beginning.


Do you enjoy roaming outdoors looking for something fun to do together with your kids

Golf croquet is a simpler version of the association croquet. It is played with the same equipment. The main goal of the game is to pass balls through hoops. The rules are easier, and the game is faster. Thanks to this, golf croquet has become very popular among players and spectators in Czechia and abroad.

The drawstring bag is large enough for four golf croquet mallets.

Would you prefer a shoulder bag rather than a drawstring bag? Both are available! You might be interested in the work of Katka Vavroušková. She designed the bag in several different colour variations, using carefully selected material and neat stitching. The plywood bottom protecting against the hoop spikes and a lockable pocket with a water resistant zip where you can keep the manual and other things are the main advantages of the bag.

“What are the things poking out of your bag?” asks a passerby. “Well, they are croquet mallets, of course!”

A croquet set decorated with playful and cheerful characters

To make sure that it is not boring and that you can safely and comfortably distinguish individual croquet balls and mallets from each other, the graphic designer of UAX, Radek Leskovjan, has designed the decoration of individual game elements with playful, hand-drawn pictures everyone will love. It would make a great corporate gift, including a customized company logo.


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