Win a domino set !

Join our competition for all talented kids. 🤲. Become an artist and create your own domino design. Win a cool prize. ❤


Rules of the competition ✎

▶ Give your kid aged between 4 and 12 a black felt tip pen and 10 blank domino tiles. Alternatively, you may also use some other materials, such as paper or cardboard.

▶ The point is to create a design featuring a favourite character or dealing with a popular topic.

▶ Take a photo and email it to us at email .

Entries taken from 4. 12. 2020 to 28. 2. 2021. 

We’ll choose 1 winner and 5 best designers before the end of March.

❤ The winner will get a limited-edition domino set based on their design.  This edition will be manufactured and available in stores later on.  The other 5 young designers will receive a small domino set each.

We can’t wait to see your photos and reactions!